• We procure from thousands of boats that go into the Indian ocean, Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal sea.

• We have leased out 5 boats in total which aids to our procurement as well.

• The boats stay in the open seas 6-24 hours per trip.

• Targeting Snapper, Grouper, Kingfish, Swordfish, Tuna & other valuable species of fishes and shell

The fishing method

• We use long-line method of fishing which is considered superior because it brings the fish up alive

• It is labor intensive and smaller quantities of fish are caught, but this fishing method results in the highest
possible quality of fish (as opposed to the high volume/low-quality methods like trawling, etc)

• Our methods are sustainable and size specific (hooksize limits makes sure that smaller fish are not caught)

The fishing process

• The main-line is lowered into the sea and every 6 feet a branch-line is clipped to it with its own hook and bait
(usually a piece of pilchard or squid)

• The main-line is set so the branch-lines are sitting at the optimum height just above the seafloor to target the
demersal (bottom-dwelling) fish like Snappers. The fishermen are typically fishing at depths of 60-300 feet

• Once the entire line is fed into the water, the fishermen wait  20 minutes then back up to the main-line and start hauling

• As the main-line is hauled aboard, the fish come up alive one at a time and are taken care of individually