Grading and Packing

• Once unloaded off the boats, the fish are graded by expert graders and carefully

hand-packed into Styrofoam boxes.

• Before packaging, the fishes are plunged into an ice slurry and they remain there

until the core temperature of the fish reaches around 1° Celsius.

• ‘Slurrying’ is much more effective in lowering temperature than merely packing the

fish in ice. The water/ice slurry mix rapidly draws heat away from the fish, chilling it

quickly. At all times, gloves are worn to prevent any body heat from warming the fish.

• Once the fish are packed in the box, a layer of plastic is placed over the fish and a

bag containing crushed salt-water ice is spread on top. This layer of plastic between

the ice and fish prevents any kind of ice burn on the fish.

• Only premium products make their way oversees. Any fish that does not make the

grade is kept for sale in the domestic market.

• Complete Traceability - Each packed box has the name of the species, weight, date

of packing and expiry, name of the client.