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We procure from thousands of boats that go into the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal sea. We have leased out many boats in total which aids to our procurement as well. The boats stay in the open seas 6-24 hours per trip. (More Info)


Once unloaded off the boats, the fish are graded by expert graders and carefully hand-packed into Styrofoam boxes. Before packaging, the fishes are plunged into an ice slurry and they remain there until the core temperature of the fish reaches around 1° Celsius. (More info…)


The fish cartons are then palletised and loaded on to one of our mini trucks and dispatched to Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Trivandrum & Cochin International Airport. Our fish flies daily out of these airports, into the Middle East countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Reunion Islands & Paris. (More info. . .)

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